The Art Of Self-Portraits:

Everything You Need To Know To Take Artsy Photographs Of Yourself.

A new normal has arrived and many people are becoming, for the first time, their own photographers. Learn how to become the photographer you never knew you could be by having elaborate at-home shoots using everyday objects!
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In This Course You Will Learn To:

  • Story Tell Through Photography

    We've all heard the saying, "A picture tells a thousand words." Well, it's true. In this lesson, you will learn the art of storytelling and how to convey different emotions and feelings from a single photograph or a photograph sequence.

  • Create Photo Sets

    Guess what? You have everything that you need in your home to create the perfect photoset. From lighting to backdrops, we'll find ways to bring your signature aesthetic to life with minimal effort. Whether you want a more editorial feel or simple vibe, we'll talk about all of the items that you can use in your home to add that extra element to your photo background.

  • Create iPhone Self-Portraits

    The photo above was created only using an iPhone! Hard to believe but it is true! We are going to show you how to make editorial-style self-portraits all from your iPhone!

  • Create DSLR Self-Portraits

    You have the fancy camera and don't know how to use it by yourself? Don't worry. In this lesson you will understand your camera, perfect your angles and get that high-quality, high definition look you want!

  • Edit Your Photos

    Editing photos can be intimidating. But don't fear. You will know how to edit like a pro after this lesson. You will have a rock-solid editing foundation so that it is easier for you to crank out content that you are proud of. Start to familiarize yourself with different filters and editing techniques and identify ones that you love!

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I Found The Perfect Photographer

by Synahia

I knew I found the perfect photographer when I immediately felt 100% comfortable behind your lens! This is so important + the main reason why I take my best photos with you! Thank You Tay! 💕


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Taylor S. Hunter

Taylor S. Hunter is an Atlanta-based lifestyle photographer and writer. She is passionate about creating images that empower self-love, promote self-care, and encourage self-expression. Her work has been seen in Essence Magazine and she has worked with clients such as Soho House, Black Girl In Om, XoNecole and more.

Essence Feature

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In the January 2020 issue, Taylor shot several pictures in the feature on Tanya Sam.